Bryston BDA-1 vs. BelCanto DAC3 any comparisons?

I am wondering if anyone has done a direct comparison between the Bryston BDA-1 DAC & the BelCanto DAC3? Both appear to well respected and both allow UB connection that I need. Any feed back would be appreciated.
No experience - but I read somewhere that the Bryston DAC sounded similar to a Benchmark DAC1. It might be much better (as no doubt Bryston DAC owners will say) but it is at least similar in "style" according to what I read - a pro type sound which will tend to be "detailed" without being harsh.
I compared a current Benchmark DAC1 to my DAC 3 and the BelCanto was a clear upgrade in refinement, but it should be an improvement as it commands a higher price. Who knows maybe Bryston will be the new value champ?
No comparison here,but like the BC Dac alot after 6 months running with a Mac mini,good luck,Bob