Bryston BDA-1 Cable Box Problem

I have Comcast Cable TV. Before the rebrand to Xfinity I had no issues running the digital out from the cable box through the Bryston. I also run my transport through the Bryston and there is no issue with it. Since Comcast's change I am getting no sound through the Bryston. The dac indicates it is locked on at 48khz but the input on the dac shows red. I have moved the digital cable from one input to another but still shows red. I have also gone into the now abridged version of the menu on the dac and turned off hdmi on the audio on the cable box.
I have tried to get some answers from Comcast, but not surprisingly they are of no help. I have mailed Bryston and am waiting on them. Perhaps I am only getting dolby on the digital out?
I would check to make sure the outputs on the cable box are putting out 2 channel pcm and not surround sound 5.1. If it's putting out 5.1 you won't likely get signal out of the DAC.
Thanks. That is my concern but, true to form Comcast is worthless in the help department. When they changed the menu in the Xfinity rebrand I cannot find out what the box is putting out or change a thing except to turn hdmi audio on or off.
I had an issue trying to figure out how to force the output to LPCM. I initiated a chat with Comcast who provided a link to the cable box manual. I reviewed it and found the procedure which is as follows:
1. Power off the box from the remote, 2. Select the Menu button on the remote to invoke the cable box menu, 3. Scroll down to HDMI Settings and select by depressing the OK button, 4. Change the Audio Ouput Mode from Auto to LPCM by depressing the OK button to toggle between the different options, 5. Once selected, use the left button to navigate to the main menu then hit the power button to exit.

This worked for me. Good luck!


PS Below is a link to the manual for comcast model rng110 in case you have the same box.
Savjam: Thanks for your suggestion. I gave it a shot but, unfortunately I could only get to a video submenu that switches between 780p, 1080i etc.