Bryston BCD-1 to upgrade or not?

I currently have a Bryston B100SST integrated amp with the onboard DAC driving a pair of Totem Model 1 Signatures. My CDP is a Rotel 991. I currently am using the onboard DAC in the Bryston to process the input from the Rotel 991.

I am thinking of upgrading. Originally thought of doing the speakers and going for the Mani-2 sigs but have some reservations given my small room size and the potential lack of power in my amp.

I am thinking about upgrading my source now. Will moving to the Bryston BCD-1 make any difference given that I am already using the same DAC in the integrated?

i am sure many cd players are better than the dated Rotel 991 but are they better than the rotel with a Bryston DAD?

My budget is approx. 2500 - 3000. I don't want to spend the money just to get a comparable sound as the onboard DAC.

Any suggestions or guidance would be appreciated.

I'd E-mail James Tanner on that one.You can reach him on
the audiocircles website under bryston.
i have a BCD-1,running from her analog outs into my Arcam AV-8
and she's superb.I do remember reading something about the B100-SSt and the BCD-1 dacs,hope that helps.
I'm not sure that it's the same DAC in the integrated as in the BCD-1 and BDA-1. There are distinct advantages in having the drive and processor in close proximity, and engineered specifically to talk to each other. Though I believe the BCD-1's superiority comes as much as anything from its superb analog output stage.

At Bryston owners on AudioCircle (which currently seems to be down) you'll find all the information and more you could possibly want or need.
The BIG problem with 99% of the separate trans/dacs is the interface connection- SPDIF see PS Audio current newsetter for why.

I am very happy with my Raysonic 168. Not only is is a great CD player, but it has balanced variable outs. Meaning, it's also a preamp. MSRP $2549.

Consider at some point replacing the integrated and get just an amp
Probably you get better sound. But I think you would get more for the same investment if you add two subwoofers to your loudspeakers.
Honestly, I don't think you can find out without trying - another persons experience may not match yours. Who knows how your Bryston handles the interface jitter from your Rotel with your speakers/system - is it even audible - will the BCD-1 do better or will it jsut fit better to your ears in terms of overall synergy? I'd suggest you get one (with a return policy) and try it out (just make sure to volume match exactly when doing A/B's).
See Bryston's J.Tanners response to this very question:
I thought with re-clocking it doesn't matter how good the source component is, it can send things with gigantic jitter and the DAC re-composes the signal completely?