Bryston BCD-1 impressions?

Would owners of this CD player give us their impressions of its sound and performance?

Also, what they compared it with and how it stacked up against the competition?

The little press that there's been so far (a couple of paragraphs in Absolute Sound, a couple of reviews in Europe [Italy]) has been very positive, but I'm real curious to hear what Audiogoners have to say about their hands-on experiences.

I have a Hi-Fi+ (euro TAS sister rag?) review that rates it very well.

Very rythmic, engaging, etc...

built like a tank and voiced to please the music lover vs. the detail retrieval obsessive-compulsive types
Any dealer in the South East US, have one on demo?
i was not impressed with the bryston bcd1,i have listen to musical fiedlity a1-a5-cambridge 840c,they were the clear winner,,
To my ears,the BCD-1 got me closer to the sound of real instruments.I auditioned Arcams top cdp(can't remember the mod#
and believe it or not Audioresearch CD-7(and that's the one I
wanted to buy(8000.00)I spent around 3 hrs with the three units(and they all had some hrs. on them.They were all connected to a Audio research preamp,so going from one to the other was almost instantaneous.Everybody,I think hears(listens
differently)Me I really like listening to the sound of bottom end,bass,kick drum ,ect and how they sound TO ME in real life.
and also the highs mids ect.The BCD-1 did it for me and I saved a pile of coin,which I bought another sub.
Sometimes we think(to much) we can hear or we try to hear
a difference,especially with products costing thousands more,it must be better.I like when a component lets you hear without thinking.I trust my ears as I'm the one who has to listen to what I purchased for hrs. on end.The trouble is
I REALLY WANTED THE CD-7.I'm more than happy musically with
the BCD-1.
I'd audition as many cdps as you can and take your time
use your own music that you are really familiar with and
I did forget to mention that I'm using the dacs in the BCD-1
(analog outs)no digital out,as I preferred that to my Benchmark DAC-1 ,if I was then she'd be dependent
on dacs in the preamp or dac.Anyway I like her alot and she'll
be my last CDP.
Drummermitchell, nice honest responce! I too have a true affection for my ARC CD2 and have thought about maybe a change to either seperates or a different Integrated amp (Jeff Rowland) or CDP (ARC CD3, Bryston or Sim Equinox SE) that are in my inteest. Your honesty speaks miles for you as an effective and true choice as opposed to a heart choice.
All I can say is(not that it happens often)is when a component just jumps out at you without me trying to listen
or wanting to hear an improvement.
Three pieces have done that for me so far,my 50as,Torus PIU,
pcs and Bcd-1.if any cable or component degrades my music I definately won't purchase it no matter how much money it costs
or how great the reviews sound,which I have found out quite abit by trial and error(audition,audition).
Teel's negative comments posted simultaneously over three threads concerning the BCD-1, were very unhelpful.

First of all, he doesn't specify the system that the unit was auditioned it, so that we might be able to judge the synergy or lack of same, nor does he specify the conditions of the audition (in a shop for 15 minutes, at home for 48 hours??).

Secondly, he doesn't offer any breakdown of his negative opinion beyond being "not impressed". What was it that the competing units were doing better? What was it, specifically, that he didn't like about how the BCD-1 sounded? While these judgments are of course uniquely his and entirely subjective, at least they take us a little distance past the blanket "didn't like it much".
Stereophile did a bunch of jitter tests on a group of CDP
to make her short the BRYSTON BCD-1 had some of the lowest jitter readings and that was with cdps costing 3-10 times as much.I guess all those perty blue lights,hefty prices and fancy covers don't give us the most important quality

I listened to the BCD-1 in direct comparison to the Levinson 390s on a pair of higher end Aerial Acoustics speakers. I consider myself a pretty critical listener. If I was makeing a purchase that day I would have picked the Bryston. I was really trying to listen for a big difference in sound, but I didn't hear any. The Levinson may have had a little more air around the sound but the Bryston was brand new and a lot less money.
I compared bcd1 with pathos digit,and meridian G08.2,had rotel 1072 before that.I liked it more,and bought it,have not look back since.Guess its all about the personal taste and synergy with rest of the system.In MHO,it seems to me that people who are not impressed with it just have no good system enaugh to actuallly hear it,and it could sound sharp to them.I listen jazz,have entry level system,krell kav 400,sonus faber grand pianos home,all wired with cardas golden reference speaker and xlr cables.Also I use running springs dmitri conditioner with mongoose cable,and two nordost valhallas power cords for amp and cd.Realy big changes and improvments can be made with power cords,but again,its matter of personal taste.
I currenlty have the Rotel RCD-1072. How did this CDP compare to the Bryston BCD-1 when you listened to both?
The best description would be is that I felt like someone
pull down the blanket from my speakers,talking about difference between rotel and bryston.I also must say that I liked rotel,and that here in europe bcd 1 is about more than 3 times(300%)expensive than the rotel.So,like I said,dont think that the player only would make the whole system 3 times more better,its just one link,but if the other stuff is capable,than it will make a difference.The final choice of player in that class is matter of personal taste,and maybe even luck and patients,because I saw many people changing their components trying to catch that
'something'.In MHO I have find out that power cables and electricity in general have such impact on sound,that I still cant belleive,and that is the last step of fine tuning,very imortant.I consider myself as a music lover, not gadget freak,I used to laugh to such stories,but its true.Unfortunetly for our budgets and peace in minds,of course.
I own a bryston bcd1,but also a weiss dac2 (and a tc electronic bmc2).Connected directly without preamp to an airtight ATM2 tube amp (duntech prince's speakers).
The sound realism when using the weiss is strongly depending upon the cd transport(tascam cdr2000 gives a better association than the bcd1 used as transport ,dont know why) and upon the digital cables used,even upon the use of an external word clock(mutec).
When optimized,i cannot come back to the bcd1,cannot explain but this is a reality.My bcd1 now remains unused.
My conclusion is the jitter issues are not yet totally resolved and a part of the effects on the digital bit flow remains mysterious but real!
Anyone still using the BCD-1 ?
I am.
Nice! baxman,

what other gear, including cabling, is in your system?
Just a headphone system:
DNA Sonett v.1 modified
Bryston BCD-1
Sennheiser HD800 stock
Shunyata Hydra V-ray II
Shunyata Venom Defender
Shunyata Alpha Digital power cord
Shunyata Diamondback(Hydra,amp)(considering upgrades)
Cardas Golden Reference int.
Moon Audio Blue Dragon headphone cable
Dedicated 12ga romex line.(probably overkill for a headphone system but....I like it!) 

I am, too, though now eyeing the BCD-3.
From my experience dedicated CD transport will always sounds better than regular CD player used as a transport to external DAC , Maybe the inner dac at the CDP increasing the jitter or interrupt the digital signal flowing to the external DAC
I don't know.My cheapo Cambridge Audio CXC transport defeated  every CDP I owned as a transport to my Mcintosh DAC.
Nice sytsem- baxman

will you upgrade to the BCD-3 ?
Basic CD transport (with no inner DAC) and the new Bryston BDA-3 DAC will better option than the BCD-3 .
Thanks Jafant, I enjoy it immensely. There is a very good chance I will upgrade to the 3 eventually but I'm still happy with the BCD-1, although it is 8 years old it's not showing any signs of giving up yet. When it does, there is about a 95% chance that will purchase the 3 (will audition first). 
Keep me posted- baxman.
I look forward to your review of the 1 vs 3 and auditioning impressions!

Happy Listening!