Bryston BCD-1 & Creek Destiny integrated

Would this be a good match for clear,musical sound?
I have B&W 804 speakers;
Creek tuner,Sony 3 head tape teck,Sota TT w/grado wood cardridge & AQ quality cables & interconnects.
I think the Destiny sounds great. I bought one recently and have been very happy. It's only downside is it has limited power and if your speakers are a difficult load it might not be the best choice. I have a fair amount of trouble driving a set of Dynaudio Audience 42 speakers, so much so that I have begun to search for a replacement. I guess that tells you a lot about what I think about the sound of the Destiny though. If your speakers don't drop below 4 ohms and your room isn't huge I think you'd be good.
I have B&W 804
I would ask if going for the Bryston B-100 Integrated is the best choice?
I am surprised at the statement:

"I have a fair amount of trouble driving a set of Dynaudio Audience 42 speakers"

You must have a concert hall for a listening room :)

I hve had dynaudio 42 speakers and had no problem driving them with a Naim Nait5i...50 watts/channel.
Also owned a couple of Destiny integrated amps, 100 watts/channel plenty of power for real world use. Creek is particularly known for their amps being able to drive diffiucult loads.
I think so too about Creek amps.
I've had A43 & P43 for a decade
50 watts driving B&W Speakers with good results.
Nope regular sized bedroom. It I play the Destiny at a fairly high level for more than an hour or so it will shut down. I had no problem driving the Audience 42 with an Outlaw 2150, but when I got the Destiny I ran into this problem. It's not a huge deal but it does happen. If you read the Stereophile measurements on this amp it states that you must be careful in matching it to speakers that dip below 4 ohms. I'm hoping the Revel M20 will be a better match.