Bryston BCD-1 compared to more expensive players?

Just wondering if anyone has compared the Bryston cd player to players well beyond its price point..Like 4-5 times its price?? I currently have one on loan and I'm thinking it is quite amazing and have yet to hear anything as good around its price but have only directly compared it to an onkyo dx7555(completely out of the brystons league) and a Classe Cdp202-which I think it is also much better than, besides the Classe being a lot more expensive.
Any comments?


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i have had bcd-1 for at least 10 months - to me it is one of the top 3 players i have ever owned - i don't know if it compares to players 4-5 times its price - but it def sounds very good and it has hard hitting dynamics and has great seperation

It doesn't make bad recordings sound good (the old cliche) - but on good recordings it sounds marvelous