Bryston B60 with Totem Arros

Anyone have experience with this set up Bryston B60 with Totem Arros?  Suggestions for a CDP that fits?
Do you already have some of these components? Are you looking to buy a complete system, or are you looking to purchase components to match with components you already own?
I own a Bryston B60, I like the size and price range of used Totem Arros.
This is for a system in a painting studio 18X22 vaulted ceiling and painted wood walls.  I'm off base with this pairing concerned that the B60 has enough power for these 4ohm speakers. This intergrated is rated at 70 wpc. Considering CDP Audiolab, Micromega, Rega, or transport and dac.  Thanks for your interest in this post...
The current model Bryston B60 power specs are 60 w/ch@8 ohms and 100 w/ch @ 4 Ohms. You should have plenty of power. Your room is pretty large for these tiny speakers, especially considering the extra volume of the raised ceiling. I would think the speakers would be fine, as long as you don't try to play them too loud. If you want high volumes in a room that size, you'll likely need a larger, more efficient speaker.

About the CD player, I really like the Rega. I have the Saturn-R, but it's probably overkill for your system. The Apollo-R should be great for you. However, the Regas are top loading, so just be sure that isn't going to be an issue where you are planning to place the CD player.

Good luck in your quest.......
Thank you for your insight and advise.  I listen to acoustic blues, jazz, and classical music at reasonable volume levels.  So this should workout.  Thanks again....
Agree that the Arro’s are small for your room. Have you auditioned them yet?
Even if you listen at moderate levels, you will need to push the volume and even then you won’t get enough bass response. Arro's can sound lovely, but I think you'll miss out on low-end extension.
Specs indicate Arro's are only rated down to 40Hz. You would need a sub, especially to fully appreciate classical.
Thank you for your thoughtful input.  It all helps, I'll audition these suggestions before committing fully to this set up.... appreciate the time you took to post these responses.