Bryston B60 vrs Sim Audio I-3

Bryston B60 vrs Sim Audio I-3

Plain and simple. Which one do you prefer and why?

I live in canada and can get a good price on both. My music tastes included everything but rap and country, I like rock all the way over to classical and vocal.

Other gear I will be using will be a
Rega Planet 2000 and
Paradigm Studio 40 v.2 (soon be be replaced. Currently I am thinking Totem Model 1 sigs)

I prefer the Bryston, and the 20-year warranty is a real plus.
Sim Audio- better bass, sweeter top end, more juice, looks better.
I had both units (recently sold my I3 here on Audiogon, currently own a B60R and an I5 LE) and I prefer both the I3 and I5 over the B60R. No doubt the B60R gives you great sound at a great value but the I3 and the I5 take the dynamics & clarity up a notch. The 20 year warranty on the Bryston is a big plus but Sim Audio's 10 yr. warranty (original owner) is not shabby either. Bryston & Sim are both great companies, but in my experience the quality of components and craftsmanship in Sim units are a couple of levels higher than comparable Bryston units.

Btw the I5 LE sounds fantastic, better than the regular version. It is the best integrated I have owned (I also own a CAP 151 which I prefer to the B60R).

I know - too many units lying around, I will be putting up one for sale soon.

I generally prefer the sweeter sound and musical involvement of the Simaudio style to the starkness of the Bryston. However, the CD player that you have is a VERY lush sounding player and may match well with the contrasting resolution style of the Bryston.
I have not heard that particular Bryston model, but I have been very impressed with the I-3 (and I-5). Darn nice sounding gear. That said, I found a great deal on a used Arcam FMJ A22, so I did not get the I-3, but it was up there on my short list. And I think that it would match up very well with the Totem Model 1 Sig's (which I greatly prefer to the Paradigms). In fact, before I came across the Arcam, I was leaning towards the I-3 with Model 1 Sig's for my office system. But when I went to pick up my Arcam, that dealer had some ProAc Tablette Reference 8's playing, and I fell in love with them (but bought the Signature version).
haven't heard the bryston either, but im using an i-5 with totem model 1 sigs and i love it. and i've been experimenting with replacing the i-5's pre with a bottlehead foreplay tube preamp for cd's, which warms up everything just a notch and makes the combo even more pleasing for me. don't know what your budget is, but i-5's typically come up here every so often for around $1500, sometimes less. it may be worth waiting before you go for the i-3 or bryston.
To me, all Sim Audio gear sound dark and grainy, with dry-sounding low end. And beleive me, my source and speakers are not to blame....b-t-w the I-3 is nothing more than a re-badged ''Celeste i-5080'' integrated, without the premium I-5 parts. No big deal, the i-5 sounds only marginally better.
Pertaining to audiokicks above, he is completely wrong - the i-3 has nothing to do with a 5080 (I own a 5080!). The i-3 is new and better in many ways, with a bigger transformer, and a new preamp section, so it sounds bigger and is more powerful than the i-5. Sim and Bryston, are, in my opinion, not competing with each other. Bryston is more like a better Rotel, whereas Sim is like Krell or Levinson. And I have heard the i-3 vs. the B-60 (which is why I'm responding in the first place!) - the i-3 is much better.