Bryston B60 owners pls advise

I'm experiencing a popping sound when turning off the B60 through my b&w 803 matrix. I've emailed Bryston & was told this is normal & will not harm the speakers...Anyone out there with the same problems? Thanks guys.
locoli should consider leaving the amplifier on all the time, except when you are going to be away for an extended period. While this eliminates the potential to "pop", it has more to do with your amplifier sounding its best. It really takes an hour or even longer for most solid state amplifiers to really warm up, open up, and sound smooth and sweet. The B60 does not use much AC power when at idle (38 watts). So leave it on if you can. Just turn the volume off when not in use.

It the pop really loud? I tend to agree with Bryston. It also has nothing to do with having M803 speakers. I have a Creek 4330 Integrated in my office that does the same thing (and all 4330's do it).
My system consists of Bryston 3B, Cambridge Audio A300 In. Amp, I turned off the 3B once a month, just give it a break for a long period of time being working. Everytime I turned the whole system off, I experienced the popping sound so lound for 2 and 3 times, It happened for both side of speakers. Otherday, I read the post, they claimed "because of power source, the current your equippments draw is unproteced, and also It possibility that U're sharing the power supply between deffective equipment, or overloaded equipment with your component. And I am going to upgrade the huge surge protection to see what happened, I'll have U informed. good luck