Bryston B60 - Is it worth it?

I’m newbe in hi end. I bought used Bryston to be the heart of my system as reference device. Recently I find review in hifichoice . It describes Bryston as amp with sound problems. I’m wondering if it reason to be a stereophile grade B not a grade A amp? Or it related to much higher priced amps? Or it not so good amp and only this guys are honest? Many people who used and made comments about this amp on audiogon already sold it (at least I understand so from messages). They unhappy with amp? Should I go for another amp? Any comment will be appreciated.
It for small bedroom 9” x 11” with no real preferences yet.
Vlad: The Bryston B-60 has gotten many very positive reviews as one of the best integrated amps in high-end audio. All of the audio reviews done on the Bryston B-60 are available on the Bryston web site. I'm not familiar with HiFi Choice, so I suggest you look at the reviews that Bryston has made available for reference. Here's the Web link:
I read the HiFiChoice review. That magazine considers price in their reviews. The B60 according to the review cost twice as much in the UK as it does in North America. Their good but not outstanding review reads like they would have recommended if the price were less. There is better to be had for that much money in the UK market.

The same thing happens in reverse with Cambridge Audio equipment. The D500SE CD player and A500 amp would sell for at least $100 less if it were at the UK/EU price in North America.

How does it sound to you? This is the most important thing to consider. If you already own it and it works well with your other gear, then keep it. I read the British mags quite a bit, Hi Fi Choice has given not so great reviews on some products that get glowing reviews in the other publications. Bottom line: trust your own ears, go with what sounds good to you.
I owned a B-60 for 2 1/2 years. It performed flawlessly and never failed to sound great. The only reason I sold it was to get into tubes and even then I had planned to keep it for a second system until that was vetoed by my live in girlfriend. A great way to cheaply upgrade the sound of the B-60 is to get the Missing Link replacement jumpers from Tara Labs in place of the stock copper bars. Enjoy!
Bryston is a good company and they stand behind their products.

Don't worry about the sales on Audiogon. That is the very reason for this site to begin with. Their will always be sales of all kinds of equipment on this site because people have different situations that come up in their lives. Many of those Bryson sales could be to people upgrading to larger Bryston amps.

This site is like the NASDAQ for audio and video equipment. It gives everyone a chance to experiment with High end equipment and know that there is always an aftermarket value for it.

Anyway, I have been told by a local Bryson dealer in my area that Bryston is a very neutral sounding amplifier. It excels at reproducing the signal fed to in with exceptional accuracy.

I would think that is the goal of all high end amplifiers, but I guess the Bryston is better at this area then most.

That is until you put up up against a good tube amp.
Agree w/ above. Heard nothing but nice things about the B60. Especially in a room that size. NAD 370 is nice too. One for sale under 500 at audiogon now.

All comments above are right on. I owned a B-60 for a very brief period but sold it. At that time it wasn't a good match for my other associated equipment, but I don't fault the B-60. …Anyone who knows anything about audio won't make all encompassing statements about products. Some combinations sound great while others are lacking.

Bryston has a well deserved wonderful reputation and warranty. Their circuit designs are exceptional. When one considers what they're getting for the $ (in an integrated) the short list often starts with a Bryston B-60. As a last comment there's something about the B-60 (perhaps due to its simplicity of design & relatively low power), which allows it to be very quick and surprisingly powerful, yet delicate.

So... as others have said use your ears. ...Take it home, listen to it with your gear, and then see if it’s for you. The warranty almost makes it a no-lose proposition.

what I have always heard and known about Bryston amps is that they are built to last a LONG time and have a very good warranty... I have heard them a few times but don't remember anything outstanding about the quality/reliablility is their reputation if you ask me.
I'm happy with mine...only problem is that now that I have a "taste" of the high end...I fear the upgrade path lurking around the corner because if the B60 sounds good...what does a 3 4 or 7bst sound like?
Pair it with good front end and relatively effecient speakers (87db+, but in your small room, lower would work, too) and be happy. It will make great music without fuss or bother. It will be a very good match with BBC-style speakers such as Spendor or Harbeth. My B60 is very happy driving SP1/2s - in your room the S1, S3/5, SP3/1P or smaller Harbeths would probably sound great.
Agree with Ellery911,Ive had my B60 for a year now and love it. However, like most with this bug I am wondering about all the other amps out there! I am using mine in a 16x18' room with cathedral ceilings with Thiel CS1.5s. This little baby does a nice job with them but I wonder.....
Small room, should provide plenty of guts, the sound is up to your ears only (and assoc. equipment). Don't sell the amp short.
Is this a powerful amp for 60 watts?
I had the B60 paired up with my Totem Arro's for about a week. I thought I found my match made in heaven - until I listened to the Blue Circle CS integrated. While the CS does not have a headphone input it does however best the Bryston in pretty well all areas of the audio spectrum, and it was half the cost in Canadian funds.
Belated comments:
Superlative midrange and treble. Especially midrange.
  Bass? Well you can't have perfection for this price (or for the price it retailed for 15 years ago). 
   The preamp stage is excellent. But, if you are so inclined, you'll find it is possible to improve. I've enjoyed the B60 as integrated for 15 years and it was great, but when I bought a Bel Canto dac3, which is also a preamp and ran it directly into the Bryston amp -- wow.  You know the audiophile lingo, that strings were more string-y, piano more piano-y, and a host of other small but audible improvements. Conclusion, the B60 amp stage is a hidden gem. 
   As always, tweaks are worthwhile to bring out the best.