Bryston B14 ST or BAT VK-500???

assuming that i can get one or the other at a comparable price (used for less than 3grand) which one would give more bang for the buck? intending to drive my wonderful
talon khoruses with it.
Out of those two choices I would prefer the BAT slightly more musical and nautral(ie closer to tube sound the Bryston) though you are loosing one amazing waranty with the BAT- in comparison to Bryston. Also worth looking into would be a more recent producution ML(Mark Levinson) or JRDG(Jeff Rowland Design Group) for similiar money, it may mate better then either the BAT or the Bryston. ~Tim
The BAT is probably the most musical of the two but either is a good choice. I prefer to spend some extra $$$ and look for a Sim Audio or other hgih quality amp versus these two choices. I know a guy who has the Talon speakers and he is driving them with the Aloia (spelling?) preamp and power amp (30wpc) with great resluts (great used prices). He is also using Audio Tekne speaker wire and ICs.