Bryston B100SST vs. Naim Nait 5i

Bryston B100SST vs. Naim Nait 5i, do they even compare? I'm asking this question as I am anticipating the purchase of a used Bryston B100SST ($2300), but can acquire a new Naim Nait 5i for $700 less ($1600). What do you guys think of this, seemingly that the Bryston retails for much much more?
The Bryston is much more powerful and has the ability to add a DAC. A more fair comparison may be a Supernait vs B100SST.
You can get a used Nait 5i for ~ $1000 which makes it much more attractive.
Soundwise I would take the Nait. I have had both, still have a Nait.
I have owned both units. The Bryston B100SST is a very transparent, clean, open, neutral and powerful amp. I could have done with less analysis in sound myself as I actually like the B60 better overall musically speaking but there are trade offs for sure. The Nait is open as well with great bass line definition but with much less ambient decay and depth. Everything on the Nait is pretty much right out front and that can wear on you as well. The Nait is better bang for your buck overall I'd say. An amp I'd take over both is the Exposure 2010S.
Well, there's a guy that knows his stuff. Listen to Mcfavre. The Exposure 2010S kicks and you can get an on-board phono card!