bryston b100sst as pre-amp

I have been using my Bryston B100sst integrated amp for some time. Considering going back to separates but can't afford to go whole hog all at once. I have Silverline Sonatina speakers (1st edition), Oppo bdp105, Morrow sp7 biwire, Darwin Ascension 2 interconnects and Signalcable power cords. I would like a little more power. So, I would buy a used power amp and use the Bryston as a pre-amp until my ship comes in. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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Why not try using the Oppo 105 direct, using it’s own volume control, you may even find that you like it better than having any preamp in between. As it has low output impedance (which is perfect impedance match for any poweramp/s) and more than enough volts to drive any amp/s into clipping, and then you have the benefit of having no added colouration of more electronics in the signal path.

I just noticed that your Bryston has a switch so you can use it just as a poweramp input, have you ever tried the Oppo direct into this and used the Oppo’s volume control?

Cheers George

When I had the B100sst I used it as a pre for a little while. It then is basically a BP6.

Sorry, but I must ask why you think you need more power? The B100sst should be plenty for the Sonatina, which I think is a 93db, 8 ohm speaker.

@tls49 , +1. Does the OP have a very large room, or listen at very loud levels that would require more power? Remember, doubling power only adds 3 dB.

Personally, if I were looking to split this integrated amp up, which I am not saying is even necessary, I would look to add a tube preamp and use the B100sst amp section.
I have been looking for an opinion on Bryston integrated amps.
Anyone care to share their listening experiences?
I really like my set-up w/ the Bryston b100sst. It just makes me feel good to hear it, smooth and detailed at all listening levels. Dead quiet between songs. It's a beauty. I have decided to keep my set-up as is and save my pennies for the new Bryston b135 3.
Bryston has long been known for bullet proof, reliable operation in recording studios running 24/7 with a powerful, clean neutral sound, and a price to please the pencil pushers. Each Bryston amp goes through what could only be termed a torture test at the factory, consisting of on and off running in for 100 hours at maximum volume levels. Not only does this greatly improve your chances of getting a perfect unit, it also means the amp will sound as good as it gets right out of the box without having to wait for weeks ‘til it’s burned in. After all that, Bryston is confident enough to include a 20-year warranty. If you owned a recording studio, that would appeal to you greatly.