Bryston B-60R SST vs. Arcam A38 integrated amps

I've been looking for an integrated amp (new or used) to drive my Paradigm Studio 20, v3 monitors. I previously was using a Simaudio i-1, a nice amp with plenty of power at 50 watts but was looking for something more refined sounding. It must have a headphone amp.

The 2 above do have headphone amps and more power than the Simaudio i-1. Does anyone have experience with one or both amps? Any comparisons made? I never heard either one but the reviews suggest they're worth checking out. I primarily listen to rock (melodic & harder), pop & some jazz. No classical, etc.

I liked the i-1 enough to jump up to the Simaudio i-3.3 but cannot find a used one anywhere or a review of one.

Any opinions, thoughts, etc. would be appreciated. Thanks!
Would anyone like to respond? I'm curious to hear what you have to say. Thank you!
I owned the Bryston b60 sst and an arcam a85 integrated. The Bryston was much more refined to my ears. I think the bryston would be a much better amp. The only complaint was that it was harder finding the "sweet spot" when adjusting the volume on the Bryston. The build quality and warranty alone would make me choose Bryston. I have heard very good things about the Sim audio i-1 from my friend who owns one. I think the arcam might not be an improvement and the Bryston not a whole lot better??
The B60 is a good bit better to my ears than the i1. It's frequency extremes are better controlled, and is a bit more neutral IMO. The most obvious thing to my ears is the i1 sounds more polite than the B60. The i1 is a great amp, but the B60 does everything better IMO. How much better and if it's worth it is a personal thing.

There have been a few B60s going for great prices lately. Maybe buy one and compare at home? I own a B60 and am far too happy with it to sell it. Not that I blindly think it's perfect.

Arcam makes very good gear as well. A local dealer used to carry Simaudio an Arcam and I heard both side by side several times. Both are very good, but Simaudio was always a good bit better to my ears. More refined and just boogied better.

Everyone's ears are different though. As always, YMMV.