Bryston B-100 or Luxman L-507u?

First post. ;-)

Plan to upgrade my integrated amp to a Bryston B-100 (basic model) or a Luxman L-507u.

Has anyone compared these two? My system, albeit modest, is a pair of B&W 805 matrix on the 805 Sound Anchor stands, the other end is an Oppo BDP-83SE. The amp that either of these would be replacing is a 15 yr-old Cyrus III with PSX-R.

I live in Japan (expat Canadian). The Luxman I can get for a fair amount cheaper here, than it goes for stateside. The Bryston, I'd buy from a someone back home and have it sent over to Japan.

I Iike the simplicity of design (inside and out) of the Bryston, but the fact that the Luxman seems to be a good deal here, is tempting.

Would appreciate any thoughts comparing these two amps.


First I haven't heard the Luxman but being a former Bryston B100 owner all I can say is 2 things. Seriously consider the warranty and voltage specs. The B100 is a fantastic integrated. Had I not discovered the world of tubes I would have upgraded within the line if not for the speakers I have now. I have the Dyn C1's at 85db is the only reason I had to upgrade my integrated.
Having owned a few Bryston separates, and the Luxman 505u, the 505u is my cup of tea.
The Brystons are really bult like a tank, durable & superb customer relationship. A-1
But in terms of sound, i find the Lux musicality quite beguiling.
Best if you can audition both but personally i would go for the Lux.
Good luck
I live in Canada, and last year made a serious investment in a new audio system after much research and auditioning.

I really wanted to try to put together an entirely Canadian made system, but that would have entailed certain compromises.

I did buy oustanding world-class Canadian speakers (Verity Audio Parsifal Ovations) powered by Japanese electronics (Luxman 509u integrated amp and Luxman D-06 cdp).

I looked very closely at Bryston separates, and even though I live driving distance from the Bryston factory and hence good pricing, I ended up buying more expensive Luxman electronics. Bryston is solid well made gear that is perfectly acceptable in most respects, but Luxman is more refined and luxurious, built to a higher standard, and much more musically engaging.

I had to pay an extra premium for Luxman vs. Bryston, and I have no regrets. You don't have to pay a premium for Luxman, and so there is really no contest.
I haven't heard either of the two, so take that into account. That said, I own the L-590A II and have heard the L-505U at a show and I think quite highly of them. Being that you can purchase the Luxman at a great price, I would do so and not think twice.
Agree=Luxman is luxurious in feel and in sound.
Another one that one should consider are the Accuphase.
Thanks to all for your quick responses! ;-) I had the chance to listen to the Bryston B-100, Luxman L-507u, an Ayre integrated, as well as one big brute made by Marantz in a shop in Akihabara yesterday. But the listening conditions were far from ideal. People kept on coming in the door off the street, sirens going by outside, speakers were not the same as mine, delays in switching between the amps, etc., etc. So I can only take my own impressions with a hefty grain of salt. FWIW, I thought the Luxman had amazing imagery, very 3-D like but sounded bright to my ears. I'm afraid that I may get tired of this sound. But who knows, it may match OK with the 805's for example. Marantz, was not bad but didn't prick up my ears in any way. Ayre was laid back, pretty neutral sound, nice. Bryston, more of a forward presentation than the Ayre, yet seemed equally neutral. I seemed to think this was the best sound for me. I should really try to listen to these again several times but I have a chance to pick up a new Bryston at a good price and time is running out. So, Bryston it will probably be. ;-) But I really appreciate your comments and glad you are happy with your choices.
@Xti16. I mailed James Tanner, VP of Bryston about the voltage concern early last week and he replied back in minutes that, it would no problem to use the Canadian version in Japan which is 100V.
@Toronto416. I read your other posts on the on the L-509u. I think a lot of people really are thankful for the information you shared. Maybe I will try to listen to 509 today if I can.
The Luxman does take time to break in. The unit i listened to have over 2-3 months of run in time. It sounded great.
However, if you like what you heard in the Brystons, by all means- go w/ what the ears like... ymmv
Actually I had opportunity to listen L505, Bryston B100 and
NAD M3 with Harbeth SLH5 speakers at Sound by Singer Store
and even the staff agreed that NAD M3 sounded more dynamic
then L505 and B100.
The Bryston or an Athem 225.
Thanks for all the additional input. Much appreciated.

I just received a follow-up mail from James Tanner at Bryston. Apparently the N.A. version will probably have voltage problems in Japan. The B-100 has a protection circuit that prevents the software from being corrupted. Any voltage below 104V will shut it down. I don't really think I want to go the step-up transformer route for fear of degrading the SQ. So, it looks like I may be taking a closer look at Luxmans and other brands mentioned above.
Using a step down transformer will not degrade sound quality if you are in 60hz area eastern part of Japan.Since bryston transformer are designed for 115v/60hz.
Luxman L-507U or Luxman L-509U Transformers are designed for 60HZ and 50HZ.I use to own a Luxman L507U.You can change the voltage to North American 115V by changing the jumper inside the unit when used in USA or Canada.Since you are in Japan Buy the Luxman High end L509U.L507U also is very good.
@Renjy651. Thanks for the information on transformers. Will definitely keep that in mind for future reference. It sounds like you know a bit about the Luxmans. ;-) Do you think the L-507u is the best buy (in Japan) as far as cost/performance, especially when comparing it to the 509u? Did you have much time to compare those two?
Bryston Int Amp is very good.The only thing is they dont offer 2 pairs of speakers.Check with Bryston if they offer 100 Volt version in Japan.
Luxman L509U is the best sounding Amp out there.For 2000 Dollars more it is the best buy.Luxman L507U also very good in cost/Performance.
If you like Bryston 115V/60HZ version use Sanyo or Nissyo Transformer 1500 WATTS 100V to 115V.These tranformers are made in Japan and will not degrade sound.
Just a short follow-up. Have decided to buy the Bryston B-100 here in Japan (yes, it's the 100V version). Went to Dynamic Audio in Akihabara and they gave me a price that was (although more expensive than N.A.) not so painful. ;-) I can understand people opting for the Luxmans but I felt comfortable with the sound of the Bryston in store and, that Bryston twenty-year warranty (compared to the two-year one for Luxman in Japan) has to be the deal maker! Thanks again to all for sharing your thoughts.