Bryston and Conrad Johnson

I finally decided I like the sound and depth of the very powerful Bryston 14BSST. Not looking to start a power debate here but the extra watts seems to add depth and sound stage at low listening levels. I am thinking of putting a CJ 17LS in front of it for my 2 channel listening pleasure. I have not yet decided on a processor. I will be driving a pair of Legacy Focus speakers and feel the tube pre will really make the speakers sound sweet. Comments and opinions??? Thanks and happy listening.
I believe the Brystons have balanced inputs and the C-J only has RCA outputs.
Conrad Johnson makes some of the finest pre-amps in the business and are capable of bringing out the best in any amplifier. I would think the combination would be very good but I have no direct experience with Bryston. I run a CJ Premier 16ls II tubed preamp into a CJ MF2500A ss power amp and I find the combination extremely clean / detailed and accurate with a very deep soundstage.

bryston amps have both single and balance input
and it is a very good match cj and bryston,i have a 4b and a pv-11
Sounds pretty nice, let us know how it works out! I suspect though that the bass may be a bit overpowering I hope you have a large room!
room size is 22 x 24 with cathedral cieling peeling at 12 feet. Bass shouldn't be a problem. However...until it is all in one room you never know.
You can never have too much power.
You might want to check out the AtmaSphere MP3 also. Both true balanced and s/e operation.
I would investigate the results of various Bryston amps driving low impedance loads prior to spending any money on the combo that you mention. From my personal experience and those of others that i know and have read about, i don't think that Bryston and any large speaker with multiple woofers / low impedances are a good match. This has been covered both here and on AA to a pretty great extent, so search the archives and read the various points of view that are available on the subject. Sean
sean,magneplaner speakers[4 ohms] have a 86db at 1 meter and bryston amps are used by them for audition.bryston amps typically put out 400 to 500 watts into 4 ohms.other than monoblocking the bryston 4bst or the new 4bsst are the way to go.
I am very familiar with the various Bryston power ratings, yet was completely unimpressed with their performance at lower impedances on their older series of amps. A reviewer with Stereophile also commented about some current model Bryston mono-blocks going into clipping with low impedances whereas another amp rated for less power drove the exact same load with less problems. Obviously, system set-ups and performance will vary, but at least i know that i'm not alone in my findings. Sean