Bryston 9BST or Krell Showcase????

Classe CAV 150, B&K 7250 or NAD T-975. I am starting to build a modest HT setup. I will probably use a Integra pre/pro 9.8 or 9.9 with a mismash of speakers. Rega floor standers fronts, B&W bookshelf rears, Vienna Acoustics Center for now...that is what I have laying around the house...

Bryston, Krell, Classe ~$1600 - 1800 range
B&K, NAD ~$1000 range.

Can anyone share their opinion of these amps?

Thank you.
I should mention that I would like this to sound decent when I run 2-channel. I have a Naim CDP that I will still be using.
I like the Bryston for several reasons. First, I find it to be less sharp/bright. Second, warranty. Also, I would make sure my three front channel speakers all match. Sides and surrounds not so important unless listening to multi-channel music.