Bryston 7Bst vs. Proceed HPA-2

I am looking to upgrade my amp. I currently have a Parasound HCA 2200II amp for my B&W Nautilus 802's. The Parasound is 250W and seems like its about the right amount of power for my room, so I have been considering the Bryston and Proceed amps. Variety of music ranges from Jazz, pop, rock , metal, dance and home theater. I am looking for an amp with good low end punch and slam which the Bryston's have. There is no local dealer for Proceed, I have heard the Amp5 with the 802's a while ago and was quite impressed with the detail. I imagine that the HPA-2 is more of the same with some extra power to boot. I am looking for opinions on these two amps in particular or possibly other amps in the same price range. If someone suggests that I get a Plinius amp, I will kick them in the nuts! (just kidding - but it seems that someone always suggests that in these types of threads....)

I have no experience with the Parasound, however, with a pair of Bryston 7B driving my B&W, I find the sound very good. It can only be improved with a 300B driving the mid and highs.

I heard that the Bryston 14B actually is even better than the 7B. You may want to give it a listen.

Bryston and proceed are very good.. Take a leap into high end and go with the Levinson if you like the proceed then you will cry until you own a Levinson. You can get a 331 for 2,400 on the used market or a 332 on the used market for about 3,200 or get into the new 300 series levinson and get a 334 for around 4,000. good luck
Actually, I got rid of a Levinson 333 for the 7B's. In my system, much better sound..more open, deeper and tighter bass, more revealing...and ruthlessly so !!!