Bryston 7Bst vs McIntosh MC-452

Hi fellow Goners.

I currently own a pr. of Bryston 7Bst mono blocks and have always liked them but they are nearing the end of their 20yr. warranty and I have been thinking about replacing them. I've always like the looks of the McIntosh (Meters) but know that's not a good reason to purchase. Would like your input on the Bryston 7Bst (new line-up) vs the McIntosh MC-452 (or should I replace the Brystons with Bryston?) .
My eqp.: Wadia s7i cdp/ Bryston BP26 pre-amp / Bryston 7Bst mono's/ Dynaudio Sapphires.
Based on your comments that the musicians are finally in the room, from one of your other threads, I would say replace the Brystons with Brystons.  The new cube series was just released so it's a great time to be upgrading them.  The Mcintosh amps are fine products for sure but the brystons are also very fine amps.  I have multiple customers that went from some of the top amps (pass labs, classe, etc) to Bryston due for their speed and realism.  I am a dealer so take it for what it is though. 

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