Bryston 7Bst vs 7B3

Hi Goner's...

Has anyone compared the Bryston 7Bst mono blocks to Bryston's new 7B3 mono blocks. I currently own the 7Bst's and love them. Will the 7B3's be worth the change?  I haven't seen any reviews on these. Just recently bought the Focal sopra 2's Speakers (you gotta go listen to these!) and was thinking of the 7B3's as my final upgrade (for a while).
Sorry can't help much with your question as I myself  have the sopra 3s and I am  looking  at the 7b3 for my setup. Can you tell me how the sopra 2 sound with the 7bsst.
Hi Givin,

I have the 7Bst's (model before the sst's - Rated A class in Stereophile). I love detail and the 7Bst's with the Sopra 2's certainly deliver it!. I have a couple of contacts in High End Audio Stores and they tell me (honestly - not trying to sell me) that the 7B3 is worth the $$$ for the improvement they make over my 7Bst's. I got the Sopra 2's just before the 3's came out and I was concerned that the 3's (with the 2-8" woofers) would go significantly lower that the 2's but looking at the specs. it looks like the 3's go only 1Hz lower than the 2's?
So for the difference in cost I felt a Sub would be better spent $$. The Sopra's are Soooo clean! I'm buying the 7B3's even though some Audiogoners suggest something warmer sounding. I'm so happy with my combo now that I just look at it as more of what I'm already happy with. I stated in another forum that "If the Sopra 2's got down to the 25Hz area then they would be my perfect speaker" !

good luck...2bz.

what other gear, including cabling, is in your system? Happy Listening!
I will jump in on your query;
going from a BST to SST, yes, there will be a sonic improvement.
I suspect that going from a SST to B3 will support another sonic improvement. Only you can decide if the extra dollars spent is worthy.
Hi Jafant,

Wadia s7i cd player / Bryston BP26 pre-amp/ XLO bal. cables / OCOS speaker cables. I haven't seen any reviews on the 7B3 but there are some on the 4B3 and it sounds like there is a significant change jumping to the cubed series. I'm gonna order the 7b3's next week will update once I get them.
sorry have not been online in a while to respond jafant i am using a cj et5 preamp,mit interconnects young dsd dac and a modified adcom 555ii power amp which by the way sounds really rich and warm.
I am running a 4bsst2 as a centre after a previous 7bsst. The sound is better - slightly cleaner and tighter. The same difference when I moved from 14Bsst2 to 28bsst2 monoblocks (also better at lower volumes). I missed a trick here as I bought the 28bsst2s believing them to be the latest bees knees models, only finding out  6 months later of the sst3s! 
The comments I have seen say that there is a sonic improvement moving up from say 28bsst2s to 28bsst3s - but nobody has defined exactly what that is for us listeners. Easy to say, but not easy to define. I presume more of the same type of improvements moving from s to 2s
And is a 4b3 bridged better (and more flexible)  than a 7b3? Too many questions.
well, not to be rude here, but i can't stress this enough; you gotta go out and audiion, preferably a home audition. if the dealer gives you static, go to another dealer or call bryston and see if they can help you out...and to add to this is most reviews should be taken with a grain of salt...every component i've bought over the last 30 years based on a stellar review was a dud. this including some very highly regarded exception was the b&w 801 matrix 2. great speaker that has stood the test of time, imo.
as a bryston owner...i feel that bryston does not suck. compared to pass labs, accuphase, fm acoustics, sdoulution, burmester, mcintosh, etc...maybe not, but there's really noting that wrong with the equipment per se. i can tell you from a reliability standpoint, it is the best, or 1 of the best, imo! so, im gonna go out on a limb here and say that the b3's are pretty cool, and at least sound noticably better than my sst (not sst2) model, the 4B.
Many Thanks! 2bz

I am seriously considering the Bryston integrated amp.  I have heard the separates on many occasions, have any of you guys heard the B-135?
Thank You- givin2u

very interesting combo you have going on there;
CJ, Adcom and MIT.  I love CJ gear and would love to demo their newest integrated amp.

Previous owned Adcom- always very good. Have never demo'ed M.I.T. cabling?
Right On! dave_72

gear at this level must be heard to be believed.  I have auditioned the Bryston 3B and 3BST & 4BSST power amps w/ an ARC Ref5SE = a very synergistic sonic match on Wilson speakers.
Happy Listening! tatyana69
Hi all,

I connected my 7B3's yesterday. Not sure if there's a break-in period but I already love them. Compared to my 7Bst's my initial impression is: sound stage is deeper, the highs are a little sweeter (in a good way) and the detail is amazing because these are dead quiet! Running them with my Sopra 2's and Wadia S7i CDP. I only have about 4hrs on them so I don't know if anything will change much but if it doesn't it won't matter cause I'm a very happy camper now!
I have just put in a 4b3 instead of a 4bsst2
It is almost like a different amp - yes I know it is a different amp but you know what I mean!
Very dry sound (says me talking bollocks) and maybe losing a bit of airyiness or something - but so precise
I have about 50 hours on them so waiting for a (150+??)  burn in to see if they warm up a bit 
And yes the 4bsst2 is a worthwhile upgrade to the 4bsst

thanks for your post jafant...i'm gonna upgrade to the 14b3 myself which basically are 2 7b3s in 1 case. my 4bsst will be up for sale relatively soon
Good to see you- dave_72

Keep me posted. Happy Listening!
i will, i gotta sell some stuff in order to buy the damn thing! my money is tied up in equipment you see...i know, typical audiophile, lol.
Not a bad thing at all- dave_72

Happy Listening!