Bryston 7bsst vs 28bsst?

Just wondering if anyone has compared these directly? It seems from what I have read that the 28b's have a significant edge over the 7bsst's more than just more power. I have listened to the 7bsst's but not the 28's. If you do not necessarily need the extra power but have the money, is it still worth going with the 28's?

HP sure likes them. Try them first. If the speakers are very inefficient, then they may help. Remember that you only gain 3dB when you double the power though. Jallen
Whats your setup?
Take a look on Bryston owners circle. I was thinking of getting the 7B-SST2 but decided to keep my 7B-SST and attach a Torus RM15 power conditioner to it. The web link has many discussions about this.
My setup is a variety of options. I have both 3.6 and 1.6. I use the 4BST in the bass and a tube amp for the midtreble on the 3.6. I use either Quicksilver Silver monos or an Eicho HF 89 Modified to put out 70wpc and modded with v-caps, and everything else possible. I have tried 7BST and they have more oomph in the bass at higher levels. The room I have is about 25X28, and is big, thus it needs some power. I use the XM44 in addition. I have tried the Spectron Musician III, Rotel 1080, which was great in the bass, and the Music REference RM9 MK II, which was also very good. The Spectron was ok in the bass, but nowhere else. The important questions are your room size, type of music, and how loud do you listen to music, and the position you like to hear music, meaning do you like a front row perspective or a mid-hall perspective. To get the deep stage, the speakers usually need to be out about 6-8 feet from the back wall, and this takes more power.
Cost no object? Then it is easy; get the 28B SST square. I wonder why Bryston would make amps that cost more than double the 7B SST square and they sound the same as the 7B.
There are those who feel that you can never have too much power, especially with a maggie. At the CES, magnepan has used 4 7BSST in biamp mode, or one 28. They should know, and a big room would make it appropriate. The character is the same, but the dynamics are different, at least 3dB worth. jallen
Bryston does not list the 28B-SST output at 4 ohms. I wonder why?? For an amp that boasts 1,000 wpc @ 8 ohms, omitting the output at 4 ohms is a glaring omission and immediately sends up a red flag in my book. The 28B-SSt is two bridged monoblocs. Bryston does list the output of the 7B-SST at 4 ohms. My guess is that the 28 might have trouble with a 4 ohm load. I suggest you call Bryston before you pull the trigger on a 28B-SST and ask them how the amp will perform at 4 ohms.
I have a pair of the 28 Squared mono's paired up with my MBL 101E speakers and they are a great match, no issue performing at 4 ohms.

Camali I sent you a email, did you receive.

28's are indeed special amps and I heard them in a system compared directly to the 7's and the only similarities were that they are both mono blocks and manufactured by the same company Bryston.
Audiolui, I am confused by your statement. R u saying the 28B SST and 7B sound the same?

Yes, I got it-thanks
Larry Greenhill in Stereophile stated that by BYPASSING the
rear circuit breaker in the 28,that into 4ohms,she'd do 1800w
continues for 10 to 20 seconds before the 15A BREAKER would trip.
Bryston chose an 8ohm rating because of regulartory agencies
test amplifiers under HOME CONDITIONS and that it would NOT
trip the average home breaker.
What are the capabilities of the 28B at 4 ohms if you don't bypass the rear circuit breaker on the amp? Bryston should state the amp's 4 ohm capabilities without having to bypass anything. That 1800 watts stereophilementions is a peak rating for a very short time. I'd like to know what it will do at 4 ohms for a sustained period. Bryston isn't stating it and I'm suspicicous.
Jim Tanner of Bryston has stated that the 28B run full power into 4 ohms will trip the circuit breakers in your home panel and they would have problems with Underwriters Labs if this figure were published. Going by the ratings of other Bryston amps usually the 4 ohm rating is about 1.7 times the 8 ohm rating.
Why the obsession about the ratings even if it did not put anymore into 4 than 8 when do you need more than a kilowatt per channel anyway
I can't run my 28s with my pre past 9:00(I could but she'd
rock the neighbourhood+mine).
A couple of thousand watts,you could fill up a 300-500 seat bar and with plenty of sound to spare.
Now if I ever get a bigger house,WE ARE MORE THAN READY.
I was ready with the 4s+7s let alone these superb 28s.
Shannere, the obsession with ratings is that if you have 4 ohm speakers, you could run them with a 500 watt amp that doubles down into 4 ohms without worrying about circuit breaker problems. The whole point is moot if you're running 8 ohm speakers. If you've got 4 ohm speakers, someone had better answer some questions and document it. I have a set of Infinity Kappa 9's that dip to 1 ohm and below. I'd certainly like to know if the amp has the testicular fortitude to handle those low impedances for sustained periods without bypassing the circuit breaker on the rear of the amp or worrying about tripping the house circuit breaker. I'm sure someone that owns a set of low impedance amp-killing Apogees would certainly question this amp's performance at 4 ohms and below. Krell lists its amp at 900 wpc @ 8 ohms and 1800 wpc rms @ 4 ohms.

Sorry, but when putting out that kind of scratch, I'd like to see its 4 ohm performance in writing.

The 7B SST states that it will go to 900 wpc @ 4 ohms. Something tells me that the 28B SST won't perform any better at 4 ohms. So, if you've got a 4 ohm speaker, you could probably save yourself some dough and go with the 7B and be assured of your 4 ohm performance. I still see question marks all over the place for the 28B.
I have no issues driving my MBL 101E speakers which are 4 ohm and dip lower with the 28's which I already answered above.

None of us are manufactures of the amp so I would suggest you contact Bryston, they will provide you with the appropriate information.

I see you use Pass 600's, I actually owned X600.5,s and when hooked up to my MBL's the volume on my Audio Research Ref3 pre was usually at 45-50 and now paired up with my 28's 30-35. Big difference, if I put it up too say 45-50 well that's really rocking the house.

One note of difference in these 28 amps which I have not experienced with any others is that the 1st watt of these amps sounds the same as the last watt which to me is pretty special so you will find your self listening at lower levels and really enjoying.

My suggestion is to contact Bryston and then get a demo pair from a dealer to listen to in your own set-up.