Bryston 7B SST2 + Aesthetix Calypso ???

Anyone heard this pairing? On paper they seem to spec up together okay in single-ended, though just barely in balanced mode:

Calypso min recommended amp load:
10K ohms SE; 20K ohms balanced

7B SST2 input impedance:
50K ohms SE; 20K ohms balanced

I'm considering the amp to drive my PMC IB2i and I'd like a tube pre-amp with a full-function remote. I haven't read much about Bryston and Aesthetix being used together. What do you think?

I have heard the Aesthetix Janus coupled to Parasound JC1s and this is a very nice match up, very sweet, warm and detailed. My guess is that, with Bryston in a similar sonic realm as Parasound (I've previosuly owned both brands of amps and specifically the 7BSTs), the results with your proposed combination would be in the same ballpark and would be quite satisfying.
I own a pair of PMC IB2i's (currently for sale due to new purchase of ATC Actives) and an Aesthetix Signature Calypso paired with a McIntosh MC352. The MC has an input impedance of 20k ohms SE, 40k ohms balanced. The Calypso sounds beautiful with this combination, preferred over my McIntosh C2300 preamp. I think the Aesthetix/Bryston combo would be fine in terms of impedance matching. On another note, the Calypso doesn't seem to be a good match for my new ATC actives which have an input impedance of 10k ohms which is the "minimum" Aesthetix recommended amp load. Experiencing some bass rolloff with this combination.
Thanks, guys. You've confirmed my thinking.

Ssolman, out of curiosity, which ATCs have you chosen and in what ways do they improve upon the IB2i with the Calypso/Mac amplification? BTW, if you plan to sell your Calyso Sig, I might be interested so drop me an email.
I purchased the 50ASL's. My first impression is that the ATC's are a very detailed, accurate speaker. Active speakers simply have some advantages, one being the grip that the dedicated amplifiers have on each driver. I can hear deeper into the recording versus the IB2i. The IB2i's however have a bigger soundstage, deeper bass and overall presence. The ATC seems to be more forward in the midrange. They are so different yet I really think they are both fantastic speakers, makes it hard to decide, pick a favorite...maybe keep both. I have found the Calypso Signature to be a good match with the PMC's. I have been using a Mac c2300 which is superb as well, but the Calypso really makes the mids come to life, more "tube life" if you will.
Thanks for the detailed reflections. I considered the active ATCs before I bought the IB2i but with no dealers within 100 miles, couldn't audition. From all indications, they are wonderful. I also owned a C2300 for a while and enjoyed it a lot. But I think the Aesthetix would bring more tubie goodness to the party, especially when mated with Bryston, which some say can be just a bit dry through the upper mids and lower treble. Enjoy your wonderful speakers.