Bryston 7b sst or McIntosh MC501 for RBH T2 setup

Has anybody heard these two amps. I need them for L C R. I have RBH T2 system with a T1 centre. I have 66 SE surronds and thinking 9b sst c series or mc 206 for the surrond. Any suggestions Its going to be for a Dedicated Home theater room 24l x 20w x 9 h.
thanks Z
I own a pair of 7B-SST which I use in a 2.1 stereo/HT system. It's a great amp in my book. Since the subwoofer is not powered in your speakers, I wonder whether it makes sense to use a monoblock to drive the bottom and top units. Maybe the dual mono 4B-SST would be a better choice.