Bryston 7 BSST or Sim Audio Moon W 10 for PMC MB1

I was ready to purchase a pair of Bryston 7 B SST amps for my PMC MB1 speakers, but then came across Sim Audio's W 10 monoblocks. Now I cannot decide which ones to take. I have heard the Bryston 7 B ST, and liked them, but cannot audition the W 10, as there are none in the country... What do you think is the best way to go?
My other equipment includes: Sony XA7ES, Plinius CD-LAD preamp, Eichmann Power Conditioner, Tara Lab Decade XLR interconnects, Slinkylink pure silver speakercable, lots of all types of music (electronic, classical, jazz, rock...) and NO amplifiers!!!
Many thanks for your input.
Definitely go for the Brystons. Not that my selling of my Brystons have anything to do with it, Bryston amps and PMCs are just synergistically matched. Hearing the Bryston amps with the PMC IB1s and the MB2s was one of the main reasons why I picked up my 7B SSTs in the first place. I would have naturally went with PMC speakers if I didn't find myself prefering a different sound.
Well I've heard both amplifiers. I used to own a W-5. My father owns the W-10's. I have listened to several Bryston amplifiers. IMO the Simaudio amplifiers are much more musical, better control over the woofer, and have a sweeter top end in comparison to the Bryston gear. Even Classe amplifiers have a better overall sound than the Brystons. Warmer, full bodied and smooth treble.
Brystons are known for reliability and warranty. Simaudio has an excellent warranty, with more finesse than the brute force Brystons.

Happy Listening.

I think the Sim Audio and Classe amps are more refined than the Bryston amps but I wouldn't call them warmer. If anything they are slightly colder sounding and more clinical. The Classe CAM350s are more refined amps than the Brystons but they're also more money and with Classe amps you never really feel like you have a powerful amp. They just don't have the low end weight that the Brystons do.

If I was strictly choosing amps based on sonic qualities then yes I would probably choose Sim and Classe over Bryston mainly cause I don't need that power and I prefer more refineness but there is a definite synergy between the PMC speakers and Bryston amps. I auditioned a pair of 7Bs SSTs with PMC MB2s and the sound was unrestrained and had a natural tonality to it. PMC and Bryston are just a natural match. Plus it's also a combination that you can easily audition.
Normally I would recommend Sim Audio over Bryston, but not in this case. Sim Audio Moons have a high damping factor that starves the bass with transmission-line speakers. At the minimum audition before you buy.
Hmm, W10's are 50% more expensive than the Brystons. I think both are fine amps. However, the Brystons may offer a greater level of synergy with the PMC speakers (which I really want to hear, I have no local dealers). Ultimately Sim and Bryston have different tonal characteristics with neither being a clear winner.

I would bet a ten dollar bill to a donut, that the PMC's are voiced with Bryston amps.

I would not recommend Classe over Bryston unless its the monos (CAM-350's or Omega's), especially considering the speakers.

Anyway back on point. Both are great amps and I dont think you would be terribly disappointed either way.
Many thanks for your input and ideas. Have dedided to go with the Bryston 7 B SST's. They will arrive within the next few days, can't wait really...
Happy listening!