Bryston 6BSST or B &K 200.5 or Aragon 8008

I am looking to buy an amp to drive my definitive system.
Center 2500
front 2002TL
Rears BPX
I don't have a pre amp yet and am looking at the Anthem 30 or the B & K reference 50 and any other recommendations. Parasound CParasound Halo C-1 or C-2 is also been recommended to me. I am looking for a warm sound to music but also can kick on home theater movies.
Look for a good used toob unit. Almost no toob hassle, and warm glowing toob sound.

VTL, Manley, Cary, BAT, CJ, AR
All are out there and will give you most of what you seek.
I saw CJ 10B with phono section on either here or e-bay this morning for less than a kilo buck and I'll bet a 750 offer would take the unit.

You can sell it for that if you don't like it.

B&K is nice but cool, Anthem I've not heard (but look interesting), and the Halo pre's are in my IMLHO over rated.
I have an Aragon 8008bb, dual mono power amp. I love it. This sucker is built like a tank and almost weighs as much. I have no experience with the other brands and while thy have good reps, I don't think you can make a mistake with Aragon.
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The B&K Ref 200.5 is definitely a good value. It serves to be a good amp for music and movies. It does not sound lean or cold, it has a bit of warmth and body and sounds really good if paired with a nice power cord and ICs. It has good amount of juice for movies, and has enough reserves for small towers to medium full sized speakers. You won't be disappointed. I had a great experience with them.