Bryston 6B availability?

Is there anyone in the know who can say when the 6BST should be available from dealers? Patiently waiting.
I am pretty sure the 6B was replaced by the 7B-ST. I have been trying to find a used pair of 6B's
No, the 6BST hasn't been released yet. It's the same as the 4B only with 3 channels instead of two. It's a whole new beast.
I've heard they are sold out until mid-june. Check with your dealer to see if he pre-ordered any.
Check out the Bryston website -- no mention in their product list of a 6B !!
Well I finally received an e-mail from Mr. Tanner. He said the 6BST is about 1-1.5 months away. Maybe there was an old model 6B, but the new 6BST is a three channel amp, same power ratings as the 4B with output stages similar to the 14B.
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I have no personal or professional relationship with Danny -- I just like getting good deals and service!