Bryston 5BST and Maggies MG12

I'm looking at possibly changing my Dynaudio Contours and one of the options is a pair of Magnepan MG12s. I've read that the Maggies need a lot of juice from power amps. Would my Bryston 5BST be able to handle the Maggies?

The Bryston 5B-ST has an actual power output of about 150 wpc (about 30 wpc higher than the rated output), which should be enough to adequately drive the Maggies, PROVIDED they are in a small to medium sized room, and you don't try to drive them to very high volume levels. If either of the two conditions I just mentioned occur, then 150 wpc could be too little to do justice to the Maggies.

I'm curious if you intend to use the 5B-ST in its full 3-channel configuration. Since the 5B-ST has 3 fully discrete amplifier modules, each with its own transformer, you won't get any benefits of a large shared power supply which can be beneficial if you intend to drive only the left and right front speakers.
Thanks for that. Yeah, the 5BST's do belt out about 150w in 8 ohms. It's said to also throw 200w @ 4 ohms which if I'm correct is nominal impedance of the Maggies. I'm just not sure whether the 4 ohm rating of the Maggies is stable, or if it goes down to 2 ohms at certain frequencies/transients. The 5BST is currently handling my front and center speakers. I guess I'm toying around with the idea of changing setups again.
I use a Stan Warren modded Adcom 5400 (200w @ 4 ohms) to drive my MG12's. About 80% of the time I feel it's adequate. However, there are occasions when I wish for a little more juice. This only occurs when I really crank it up.