Bryston 4BST a good match for B&W Matrix 802 ?

Am considering Byston 4BST with B&W Matrix 802 series 3 speakers.....can anyone advise on whether this is a good match? Or other recommendations for the Matrix 802s?


I have owned a 4BST for about two years and heard it in a few applications, but not the B&Ws. However, it is extremely smooth for a solid state amp and offers tremendous bottom end control and pitch. If you are considering affordable solid state, it is hard to beat. I am presently using the amp to drive 18 inch sub-woofers and it is just shy of some other amps I have on hand which cost considerably more. I am considering selling mine, but haven't been sure enough to advertise it yet. It is the only reasonably priced piece in my system and holds its own quite well. I'm not sure what else you could find for the money which would be a better overall amp. Best of luck and let me know if you are interested.

The M802's aren't that tough to drive, yet they do need about 200w SS to move them. I used to own a pair of M801 Series 3's they where another story, powered w/ a Classe Ca-300, then Ca-400.

As a Bryston 4b-st owner & 12-13 year B&W junkie, I honestly feel that A 250w 4B-ST would mate for a grand union between the two. Canadian Solid State, IMO sounds perfect w/ the British B&W's!

I used a 100wpc Adcom and was not happy with the performance of the B&W 802 M/III. I finally ended up running a Citation 7.1 amp bridged at 450wpc and the B&W's came alive. More is better with the B&W's