Bryston 4bsst vs Krell kav 2250

I know such black and white questions are fraught with nuances and endless followup questions, but here is my situation: Getting some DALI Helicon 800 MKII (already have DALI Mentor 6's which I love currently bi amped with NAD c372's) and will run with NAD M 55 disc player. Almost all my listening is classical (I challenge you to define that rubric. My choice in amp/preamp will be Krell kav 2250/280 pre amp or Bryston 4bsst/BP 26. I could go either way, do I flip a coin? (at this price it would have to be a gold one!) I should note that I have a large cd collection with a mix of mono, stereo, DDD, AAD, etc recordings. Though I do listen critically of course, i most enjoy the immersion in sound from multiply speakers over several areas.
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Multiple speakers. 2 ch amp. What am I missing here? Is the NAD a pre/proc?
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ooops. Sorry... thought it was about amps only.
My Clients have both. More recently the trend is toward the BRYSTON,(especially since the "squared" improvements) and I would agree, having the BP26 in my demo system.