Bryston 4bsst vs Krell kav 2250

I know such black and white questions are fraught with nuances and endless followup questions, but here is my situation: Getting some DALI Helicon 800 MKII (already have DALI Mentor 6's which I love currently bi amped with NAD c372's) and will run with NAD M 55 disc player. Almost all my listening is classical (I challenge you to define that rubric. My choice in amp/preamp will be Krell kav 2250/280 pre amp or Bryston 4bsst/BP 26. I could go either way, do I flip a coin? (at this price it would have to be a gold one!) I should note that I have a large cd collection with a mix of mono, stereo, DDD, AAD, etc recordings. Though I do listen critically of course, i most enjoy the immersion in sound from multiply speakers over several areas.
Yep, flip a coin or save some $$$ with an ATI 3002 + Benchmark DAC1 HDR.
Multiple speakers. 2 ch amp. What am I missing here? Is the NAD a pre/proc?
Jim, I think the OP is replacing one pair of Dali with another. But, maybe not.

ooops. Sorry... thought it was about amps only.
My Clients have both. More recently the trend is toward the BRYSTON,(especially since the "squared" improvements) and I would agree, having the BP26 in my demo system.