Bryston 4BSST - to much power for Studio 60v2's ?

Good day and merry Christmas all,
I would appericate your advice on the following. I have a chance to pickup a one year old Bryston 4bsst power amp & BP25 preamp at a good price. My concern is that at some 300 watts and it's abilty to delivery large current that this amp may over power my Pardigam Studio 60v2's and cause damage. Might I be better off to get myself a 3bsst or something else of a lesser power range (i.e. Belles, McCormack, Marsh.......).
Current equipment:
-NAD 7100 receiver
-Sony ES CDP (to be updated)
-Dual TT
-I.C's nothing fancy. (can be updated to suit new equip.)
-speaker wire is 12 gauge OFC of good quality. (can be updated to suit new equip.)

Thank you in advance for your comments.
I have owned the combo you are considering and believe they offer tremendous value. Having too much clean power is always better than not having enough...and it helps assuage the amplifier upgrade bug when the time comes to buy larger speakers. I'd go with the Bryston 4B SST/BP25 combo and be careful (you'll know when you've turned up the volume too far).
The extra power will be a plus, your system should sound very good with the new preamp as compaired to the receiver. The Paradigm's will take to the exta power like a fish takes to water. Put some good interconnects between your new compononts.

I've got the same setup (4B-SST Paradigm Studio 60's). The Paradigms never sounded so good. You won't be disappointed.

Paradigms can take the power. You can't really have too much power anyway, as long as there is no clipping involved. Get the Brystons and enjoy! Arthur
When it comes to power, too much is never enough!
Have you ever seen such a unanimous response for any equipment discussed on Audiogon? Why are you waiting? Buy those Brystons!