Bryston 4bsst or CA 300 to Drive Soliloqy 6.3s


Would appreciate any advice from Soliloqy owners. I am considering either the Bryston 4bsst or the Classe CA 300 to drive my 6.3's. I am using a Bryston SP1 as a preamp with Harmonic Tech Truthlink interconnects and Signal cable biwired speaker cable.

Haven't heard the amps with Soliloquy's... The Bryston is much more transparent and neutral while the Classe is warmer with a touch less clarity. If you think your speakers are a bright right now I'd go with Classe, while if you're pretty happy with the sound I'd get Bryston which should lift a veil off the sound and let you hear more of the music. I owned a 3bst and was worried it would be too bright with my speakers at the time since I was switching from a cheap NAD C340 which is described as warm, while the Bryston is generally considered bright. The opposite was actually true. The highs with the bryston were super clear yet not as fatiguing as with the NAD.
Thanks Mathew. Your response makes good sense! Cheers