Bryston 4B, tube amps and Klipsch Lascala's

I recently purchased a mid 80's pair of Klipsch Lascalas and I like them alot:)
They are the most fun speaker I have owned so far and I am pretty impressed with the way sound with most types of music. Although I have noticed a slight chestyness to vocals. Which I hope I will be able to correct.

Right now I am using an Onkyo TX-SV70PRO Tuner Amplifier which I have used for many years and been pretty happy. I know I should be using a better amplification source and hopefully I will be purchasing something soon.

I've read a lot about tube amps being the best match for the Lascalas but I am wondering if i get one will it deminish the quality of the bass kick and dynamics? I always believed a more powerful amp would control bottom end better and allow a more stressless dynamics..
since a tube amp usually is a lot less power rated 8-50 watts instead of 80-200 watts in a solid state. If so, how would a Bryston 4B perform with the Lascalas.

Any suggestions for a decent tube amp, under $1000.00 would be appreciated also..
I would guess you might try going to the Klipsch forum and look for info about your combo...I have had a couple Klipsch speakers and have found that they are so easy to drive that they really do open up very well with tubes..I am sure the Bryston will work fine but I would much prefer to hear them with a quality tube amp..Good Luck
You'll get a lot of advice on these speakers, but one thing that really worked for me was to pair them with a fast subwoofer, in my case a Martin Logan Depth. The La Scalas sounded excellent, but really didn't become special until paired with a quick sub.

I've gone the high-power SS (CJ Sonographe 400), high-power tube (Rogue M120), and low-power tube (Quicksilver Horn Mono) routes. Low-power tube + fast sub has been by far the best combo, hands-down. Purists would note the Quicksilver horn monos are "mid power" (~25w), but the point remains that you don't need much power to drive La Scalas, and in my experience, less has been more with these sensitive speakers.
for under1k...classic dynaco
thanks everyone for your help:)