Bryston 4B-ST vrs Adcom 565 monos

for my power hungry Infinitys,rated at 4 ohms but can go down to 2-3 ohms.
Try a 4000 or 8000 series from Aragon. No more power concerns !!
I can't speak to the Adcom, but I have a 4BST that I use with a pair of Totem Acoustic Model One Sig's, which are also 4 ohms. The 4BST provides in excess of 400 watts into 4 ohms, and the Totems love it. I also have a pair of ProAc Response 2.5's, and a pair of ProAc Response 1SC's, but whenever I hook up the Totems I stay up until 3:30 am on work nights because I am so amazed at the sound I can't turn it off.
I currently own the Bryston 4B-ST, and about 6 years ago owned a pair of Adcom 565 monoblocks. The amps have different power ratings on paper, but actually put out nearly identical power in real-world use. However, power output is not the only issue -- the quality of the sound is even more important, and here the Bryston is far superior to the Adcom. The Bryston also has a 20-year, transferrable warranty, which is unique in the high-end audio industry.

If money is not your major concern, I'd strongly recommend the Bryston 4B-ST over the Adcom 565's.
Get the 565's and send them out to be modified, they will smoke just about any amp near there price. I find it hard to believe the 4bst is as powerful as the 565 'welder' despite what it says on paper compare the insides of the two, the 565 is so simple and built like a tank they weigh about 50lbs ea. so times two would make about 100lbs and the bryston weighs no where near that much, leads me to believe there is not as much to them. Granted sound quality wise the 4bst is better out of the box but the 565 has more potential.
I will go with the Bryston 4B-ST. Thanks for the help.
Let me start by saying I really like Adcom and the products they make; especially considering the price. I currently run to adcom amps in my home. I have heard the 565s, but never in my setup. I have run 2 555 mono before; very powerful. I currently run a 4b-st on my main system. It is just in a different league. I'm not sure about the modified Adcom and would be open minded to compare it. However, at the end of the day, you could buy a used 4b-st; be under a great warranty, be able to sell it for what you have in it. An Adcom or a mod Adcom, warranty ?? Be able to recover investment?? And the sound of the Adcom compared to the Bryston?? Was kinda a no brainer when I got my 4b-st. Good Luck......LR
I used to own Bryston 2B and Adcom 545 and the 2B smoked it in terms of power (even though the watt rating was HALF!) and power and quality of sound. I'm sure the ST is a generation ahead, at least, of the 2B. Not sure about the 565.
Adcom 5802 is much better than both of these.
Adcom 5802 is a nice amp but puuullleeessse, not nearly as good as a Bryston 4B-ST. I've auditioned both and the 4B has been in my rack for a year now...