Bryston 4B ST Replacement

I`m looking to upgrade my Bryston 4B ST with something a little less dry in the mid-range. A few people have recommended the newer Bryston SST series and others have recommended some of the Pass amps. I`m currently using a Manley Shrimp preamp, Bryston BCD-1, Kef 104.2 speakers, Harmonic Tech Pro-Silway mark III+ interconnects, and Harmonic Tech speaker cables. I would like the amp to have a minimum of the 4B ST`s output. My budget is up to $3K.

Thanks again for everyone`s help.

Gamut is very impressive
I'm not sure I understand your response.
I think the Gamut amplifiers have a very smooth yet highly resolved sound. A solid state amplifier I would recommend.
Thanks Peter - sorry for the confusion on my end.
The SST is way ahead of the ST series which were far toop crisp in the vocals, and dry. They SST is not perfect, but warmer, and more musical. It would definietly be an upgrade, and the new SST2 a bit more texture in the mids. Pass are also great amps. With a 3K budget, get the 14BSST, they really are great amps, sheer effortless musicality. Which speakers are you using? You may not need the power.