Bryston 4B ST Opinions Needed Please

I'm going to upgrade my amp, currently Acurus 250. What do you think of the Bryston 4B St. My budget is $1500 used and I would like at least 200 watts into 8ohms. Any suggestions on other amps also greatly appreciated. I prefer SS or integrated. Thank you for your help. Rick

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Rick, get a used Adcom 5802 Amp and have Stan Warren modify it. Stan Warren used to be the S in P.S Audio. This guy is an amazing modifier. He modified my 5802 for 300 dollars. He took out the so so parts and put in top quality parts. After this mod, i have to tell you, this Amp sounds so great. The Amp as it is, is a great Amp. But after the Stan Warren mod, this Amp goes to a new level. You can talk to Stan. His number is 541 344 3696