Bryston 4B-ST, Magnepan 1.6QR, suggest a preamp.

I'm resigned to the fact that my Mesa Baron Tigris integrated tube amp won't drive my Magnepan 1.6QR's to their full potential, so I'm buying a Bryston 4B-ST and need your advice on a pre-amp to match. I'd prefer tubes and could go either with or without a phono stage. I'll be using a sub, so I'd also want two pair of outputs. Suggestions?
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There are a few choices out there but I'll throw an inexpensive one your way - Rogue Magnum 66 ca nbe bought as a linestage with remote or with phono (but not both) for around $750 used. I had one with a 4B-ST and it was rather nice. But if around $1500 is a possibility then Rogue's Magnum 99 is a much better offering.
A lot of people at the Maggie Users Group are using the Foreplay tube pre. It's a DIY project that's supposed to be easy. There are ones for sale here that are already assembled.
Dave43, I own the 4Bst and have mated it with four different preamps and three of them have been tube based preamps. I find that tubes are a much better compliment with the Bryston. I had a Rogue Magnum 99 that was bought new and found the sound to close to solid state and not to my liking. I then bought a Cary Slp98 and after a capacitor upgrade, this unit is down right fantastic. Its reviewed in this months Stereophile.....keep your options opened.
Dave43 the Cary also has a additional output that can be used for a sub.
Was using an ARC LS2B for nearly a year with a Bryston 14BST and briefly with a 4BST with superb results. Recently replaced the LS2B with a ARC SP16 with phono stage and wow I think I am just discovering what soundstaging, image and space between instruments is all or nearly all about. Heartly recommend the combo of Bryston and ARC SP 16.Great value for money with two of the most respected names in high end audio.
I'm using an ARC LS-16 with a 4B-ST to drive Acoustats and it's a great combination.

I used to use a Blue Circle BC21.1 with my 4B-ST. The 21.1 really made a large, positive impact on the 4B's performance... far more musical. If you want to discuss the specifics of the 21.1, send me an email as I'd love to talk about it.

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I have a the same amp with a Bryston BP-25 preamp. I have had this for some time. It is nice but I have to agree with the tubies that the solid state amp with a tube preamp takes the edge off the digital sound. It also improves the analog stuff with just additional warmth and soundstage. I will be following this thread since I am looking for suggestions of tube preamps to try as well. Good luck.

I'll chime in with another Blue Circle 21.1 recommendation. Great preamp, especially with upgraded "NOS" tubes. See my system and email me to discuss details further if you wish.

Another vote for BC 21.1. I recently sold mine....
Got the Galatea, quite a bit more $ for some more refinement in the same family of sound. But if the price of the BC21.1 is all I could spend, I would have been perfectly happy with it.