Bryston 4B SST2 19" rack mount: rack suggestions

I have a Bryston 4B SST2 19" rack mount amplifier on order (black in color) and wonder what brands of rack would people recommend that would be sonically superior but also accommodate the more commercial/industrial "rack mount ears on the sides of the face plate. I intend to purchase the Bryston BP-26 preamplifier and separate power supply but not until next year. I would like the ensemble to all fit in the same cabinet. Thanks for any ideas you might share, from Bill.
Most racks will handle a rack width product.
(PS I own the black 4B-SST2 with rack handles)
I keep mine on the floor (on top of a patio block)
But it would fit on my equipment shelving.
Main thing for the amp is enough space above it for cooling. in a rack i would think at least 3" above the top of 4B-SST2 for cooling.
The BP-26 doesn't need any extra space as it and the PSU run very cool.
Contact Bryston for a list of their Pro equipment dealers as they will stock rack mount stands.