Bryston 4B SST vs Belles Ref. 150A/150A Hot Rod

Hello All,

I am new to the higher end Audio amps (previously had Denon POA 2400 and 2800). I have come to the Oracle to obtain knowledge from the much wiser and experienced individuals than I. I am on the edge of actual purchase, cash in hand.
I've narrowed my selection at this time to either a Bryston 4B SST or possibly a Belles 150 A Hot Rod or the new I understand, Belles Reference 150 A. I've read much about the 4B SST and little on the Belles 150A/150A Hot Rod and have no real info on the Belles Reference 150 A. I already have Bryston BP20 and BP25 preamps I like. My listening room is about 12' x 13'. I'm also open to any speaker recommendations $2K or under. I like Classical, to Funk, Blugrass, Rock, World Music etc., the full spectrum. I play percussion and stringed instruments as well and enjoy the clarity of good tight percussion and the nuance of strings and live sounding vocals. I'm at your humble mercy and need guidance. This is a system to last me for a while and enjoy. I have not tried the Bryston Amps nor the Belles. I'm a little familiar with quality power design integrity in Canada and my Built in America Heart strings pull me to the Belles to try. I just purchased a powered (active)SVS 16-39 PC Plus, 525W subwoofer to go with a system (powerfull percussion and bass sound). I know the 4BSST is about 250WPC. My Desire is the best quality sound for the money, not just volume. I'm humbly on my knees before you all and sincerely thank you for any input. :-)
Hi Rcnc500,

Based on your statement - "This is a system to last me for a while and enjoy", I would recommend the Bryston. And, based on the statement - "My Desire is the best quality sound for the money", I again would recommend the Bryston. Do a search here and at the Audio Asylum and you will see many positive comments about Bryston.

Good luck on your decision,
I currently use a Bryston 4Bst and find its power,dynamics, and lowend definition a welcomed mate to my system. The SST as other reviewers have said has a improved sound qualities over the ST, I cant comment on.

You mentioned that you would like oppinions on speakers under 2K, and you might want a speaker that can produce a live preformance with great inner detail. Look at the Klipsch KLf30's they are a recently discountinued speaker, and this is a speaker that can produce a live, huge sound stage, with superior detail. They sound great as background music or at concert levels, since they use horns you here details in the music that you may have never heard before. You can find these well under $1500 new and even lower used. JMHO.

You might want to consinder at some point using a tubed preamp when using a SS poweramp, it truly transforms the upstream data being feed to the amp, into sonic heaven.

I am a Belles dealer, to give sort of a reference of where I am coming from I used Balanced Audio Technology as my high end reference for both tube and solid state. I have done a lot of work with showing wire and equipment in customer's homes who have systems approaching $100k, the Belles products will dramatically improve virtually anything. I have had the Denon amps you are referring to and quite frankly I think they are real sleepers, I would take the Denon over Bryston. Let me know what you are using for speakers, wire, and preamp. The Belles amps look better and better as they are compared to more and more expensive amps, Bryston isn't in their category. I have sold them to guys who own Krell, Levinson, Jeff Rowland, Gamut, and Pass Labs X600's.
The Belles 150a is a great Amplifier,I used my Belles with a pair of Dynaudio 3.0 and the match was extremly musical.
The denons are ok amplifiers and don't handle low sensitivity speakers to well.I now own the 4B-SST,driving a pair of Dynaudio 1.8MKII in a 13 X 22 room,The sound and Dynamics are just wonderfull.The comment's made by Holygrailaudio are a bit suspicious.The Bryston SST series is in a totally different league than any Denon Amp.
You can't go wrong with either the Belles or Bryston,Both are wonderfull amps,just different in terms of how they convey the music.Also Bryston has one of the best customer service in the audio industry,20 year warranty and no hassle when sending a unit back.Regardless if purchased on the used market!
As one in the industry but neither a Belles or Bryston Dealer, I can tell you that the Belles is the better choice hands down. The Brystons are good dependable amps with better than average solid state sound. David Belles has been making exceptional amplifiers that challenge the best available for over 20 years.

Having the ability to choose from many amplifiers. We have just purchased a Belles 150 Reference for one of our Beta testing systems. I have not heard this amp yet, but have heard Davids earlier designs which were always very musical.

Kerry Legeard
Music First Distribution
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