Bryston 4B SST-squared vs Classe CA-2200

I currently have the Bryston 4B SST-squared. They are paired with Von Schweikert VR4-SR Mk3. I enjoy the Bryston's authority and slam but am thinking there may be some top end refinement missing. The VSAs are *very*. I have to opportunity to get the Classe at a decent price and am wondering if this would be a worthwhile upgrade or more of a parallel. I know that it will be a slight step down in power with the Classe but am hoping that their overall balance will work well with the VSAs. Music is a mix of rock and jazz.

Unfortunately there is no local Classe dealer at my location so if anybody has been able to do an A-B comparison I would greatly appreciate your input.

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Put in a Balanced Torus 240v PIU,they are pricey but a big
upgrade.You rarely see them on here and if you do,the person
is selling to go with a bigger one.Lots of chit chat on audiocircle(Bryston).

I havent heard the Ca-2200, but I have heard the 4bsst in an all Bryston setup consisting of BCD1 cd player and BP26 preamp, and directly compared it to the CA-M400 classe 400w monos with the CP-700 preamp and Cdp 202 cd player and I switched back and forth between them and I honestly preferred the Bryston setup. They were with top range Elacs so it may have just been the speaker combination, but I felt that whilst the Classe setup had a little more air and delicacy in the high frequencies, the bryston overall made the Classe's sound a little veiled and too laid back... If that helps at all
I had a chance to compare a 4bsst to a Classe Ca400 with my Magnepans for a weekend home demo. Although the Ca400 puts more power, the entire frequency range was more controlled.I could not listen to the Bryston for extended periods before reaching for the volume control. The Classe with a slight laid back mid range and smooth top end provided the sound I was after in my system and acoustically treated room.

I'm not sure on the sensitivy of your VR4's, but if it's power you need with a budget about $2k in the used market
the Ca300 or ca400 could be worthwhile to seek out.