Bryston 4B-SST and Audio Research SP-16

Is this combination a synergistic match?
Your help is greatly appreciated.
I currently use a 4BST with a AR 25 MK1, very nice match
IMHO, found a bit on the thin side for the mid. Works fine for R&B and rock but not as good for vocal, strings and classical.
ARC preamps and Bryston amps have a long standing synergy and are indeed very musical. The amp-speaker match is the biggest synergy factor however. Also, avoid silver interconnects with the ARC. Not always a good match. I have heard some that work, many that don't. Jallen
Would the BP-25 be a better choice then the ARC?
No, on the question of the BP-25 being better.
Should try a Cary Spl 308 pre. I had that combo and it was very synergistic. Very musical yet dynamic. Some said the slight whitenss/grain (whatever that means)in the ARC SP16 can be exacerbated with Bryston (mildly bright). The Hovland which tend to spotlight the highs was not a good match. With Cary, it was very well balanced.
A great match would be the VS110 amp from ARC and the SP16L if it's music you want to hear!