Bryston 4B SST

I would be interested in some comments from those that have heard this amp, especially if you directly compared it to others.

It seemed to me, from what I read, the 4B ST is a great amp at it's price but it lacked that last bit of finesse that some others have; I am curious if the 4B SST adds that finesse.
Yes it does.
I own the 3bst and 3bsst. The old bryston is great but could be too clinical/fatiguing at times. Soundstaging width was fine but depth seemed shallow. The new Bryston is warmer(though not warm)far more musical, with better depth and soundstaging abilities. In fact the old Bryston was superior in 1 way only....dynamics had a BIT better slam. Thats it
Just my humble opinion
I echo Dude's opinions having recently owned both the 4B-ST & now the SST version. Not sure about the slam issue as I feel its about the same between the two. The SST definately runs much cooler. With the introduction of the SST I guess the ST price tags may be lower which would give rise to a larger price spread between the two amps so you have to weigh the cost issue against the benefits...
Well, I've got a 4B-ST, and a friend of mine has a ML 335. Same power. I like the ML better because it is smoother and has more finesse, but doesn't quite have the slam of my 4B. So, who wants to stick their neck out and compare the SST line to the ML 300 line?