Bryston 4B Power Amp not ST or SST

My recently acquired Bryston might have some issues with it.
For example there is a slight hum coming through the speakers and the green led lights are not right.

LED's are solid green when no music is playing, but turn to a constant flashing green the moment sound goes through it.

Also, when tapedeck is selected on the PRE and no sound is playing, if I turn the PRE's volume control to approx 2 o'clock the green light start to flash again. If I repeat this but with the PRE selected to CD player it doesn't flash green. It always flashes green on all pre selections when music is played.

Finally, when turned on, but not playing anything the casing is noticably warm - is this normal too.

Thanks in advance

Send it to Bryston for a checkup. I have a 4BST which I thought I was having problems with (it turned to be a grounding probpem in my house). I called Bryston Service and sent it to them for a thorough check up. Cost me aboout $30. They covered the cost of the return trip. They had it about a week and even upgraded the two switched on the back at no cost.

So, give them a call, describe the problem and send it in.

I agree send it in. They are great. I think the heat is probably fine. These run hot. My guess is the problem is minor.