Bryston 4B 3 Cubed Amp

Still looking for a new amp, decided against the Magtech.  I am interested in hearing from anyone who has heard or has experience with this amp.  I am only interested in this particular Bryston amp, not their other ones or any other brand at the moment.
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Me as well- stereo5

I would be interested in reading about thoughts/impressions on the B-135
integrated amp. 

Historically, I have heard on several occasions, the 3-B, 3-B SST
and 4B, 4B-SST.  These are very fine power amps especially mated w/ an Audio Research (ARC) pre-amp (like the Ref5 SE). An outstanding synergy.
You might want to consider calling Audio Advisor (800-942-0220) located in Michigan and speak with them. They carry the Bryston line and could possibly answer your questions in a non biased manner. In the past, I have done that and found it very helpful, when I did not  receive answers here on the forums.

We recently started carrying Bryston after I heard their new BDA-3 DAC and 4B3 amplifier. I can try to answer any questions you might have about it.
Where are you located- nekoaudio?