Bryston 3bst vs Bryston 3b

What are the differences? Have found a 3b for $400.00 but cannot find specs or reviews. Does the 3b stack up against the newer amps in the $5-600 used (ATI 1502, Rotel 1070, Anthem mca2) range? Suggestions appreciated.
3B-ST is much better than the older 3B. Ask Bryston for technical differences. I'm sure they will innundate your mailbox with reviews and brouchures. I own a 4B-ST and highly recommend the brand. You can probably find a 3B-ST used for around a $1000. I highly recommend you stretch your budget, or wait that extra few weeks to save some money and get the 3B-ST. I'm sure my peers on this site will agree. Good luck with your purchase.
The 3B-ST is a much different and much better amp than the 3B and significantly better than the 3B-NRB. Come up to Canada, where the 3B-ST sells brand new for the equivalent of US$1250. But if you ever get a chance, spend that 1-1.2 K on a pair of Meitner monoblocs. Ten years since they stopped production, but they're still serviced and upgraded at the ADS factory in Calgary, and I've never heard anything (not that I've heard everything) that comes close for that kind of money. Overall, though, unless you're spending well over $2K for a 100 wpc amp, you won't do better than the 3B-ST. Forget about Rotel, Anthem and the others. Just my 2 cents' worth.
If you can afford it, I go for the 3B-ST also if Bryston is what you want. There is a lot of competition in the $2000 List - 100/125 watt amp market, but it seems like every review I read about concerning another amplifier in this range, the reviewer seems to always compare the amplifier under review with the Bryston 3B-ST. This tells me it is the one to beat. I personally have a Blue Circle BC22. I love it. It was a better match for my system. The Bryston was on my short list and I would have probably been just as happy with it.
My dealer had an old 3b. It sounded fairly harsh throughout all frequencies when I listened to it.

I now have a 4b st. I love it, and it will have to be pryed from my dead cold fingers if anyone wants it. It is a wonderful amplifier; fast, tight bass and great detail.

I know this is a 3b vs 4bst comparison, but it seems consistent with other people's experiences and with the company's own "propaganda".

The 4b st may give you more dynamic headroom for those musical transients, and make your speakers just sound "bigger".

Hope this helps
Thanks! Just the info I was looking for.