Bryston 3BST to BAT VK3i hook up

I have a 3BST amp with XLR connections that will be connected to a VK3i with the same balanced connections. My question: The 3BST labels the top connection channel one, the VK3i labels it L for Left. The 3BST does channel two for the bottom, VK3i R for Right. What is the proper way to connect the XLR's? Thanks.
Hook up the right output from the VK3i to either Channel 1 or 2 on the Bryston, then hook up the output from channel 1 to the right speaker. Left output from VK3i to other channel and then to left speaker.
Aha! Thanks for your help.
Another satisfied 'goner.
Correction- Hook up r output from pre to either channel on amp and hook up that channel to r speaker. Hook up l output from pre to other channel and hook up that channel output to l speaker.