Bryston 3B ST + $600 = help?

I relatively new at this so if I'm not providing all the necessary info, please let me know. I just recently bought a Bryston 3B ST. Its hooked to an Anthem 2L, CAL DX2, and Soliloquy 5.3's. I love the sound, but I find myself with an extra $600. I could sell the Bryston for $750-800 and end up with $1300-$1400 for a different amp. Although I love the Bryston, will I realize a difference in resolution, detail and soundstaging by spending the extra money? I was thinking older Levinson, Krell or Threshold. I listen to jazz, blues and some light rock (Steely Dan). Thanks for your comments.
Since you state you are new to this and you love the sound, maybe it is best to enjoy what you have for the moment. Acclimate yourself to the system, maybe a few tweaks, experiment with cabling [you don't mention your choice of wire] and so forth. Being happy with what you have is a reward unto itself, and what you have is a very nice set up. One avenue is to invest in more music, $600 would go a long way toward that end. Of course, Bryston isn't the last word in amplification but the company is near-legendary for their warranty policy, service and longevity in business. BTW, I'd set the gain on the Anthem to the minimum 8 dB setting, the 2 volt output of the CAL needs no more, imo. Enjoy the music!
Thanks Tripper. That's a great response, I appreciate it. I do think I probably would benefit from improved cabling though.