Bryston 3B repair in Philly

Hi -

I have a 25 year old Bryston 3B which is, needless to say, out of warranty and in need of repair. The left channel has had some intermittent issues for a couple of years and has been serviced unsuccessfully once by a local technician who does my recording equipment. The amp also has a little more 60 cycle hum than I would deem normal. I've been in contact with Bryston, and they are not making it easy for me. They refuse to recommend anyone but themselves to do repairs, won't do the repairs unless I purchase original packing from them and then prepay for two way shipping for the amp. They seem a little tight-arsed about the whole procedure, so I'm hoping that there is someone in the Philadelphia area where I live who can do the work. I had such great luck having my ProAc speakers re-coned locally, maybe one of you guys will know of someone who does amps?
You are really close to the official USA Bryston repair center.
I would go to the Audio Circle site and get on the Bryston Circle and ask James Tanner, who is the moderator on it, and also a VP of Bryston. He can get connected with getting your amp fixed right!
It might cost a little more then some putz, but it WILL be done perfect.
And well worth the effort.
Sounds like your amp needs some new filter caps as well. Good luck trying to find the right size caps for that amp. I really would suggest sending it back to Bryston. Regarding packing..It's a good idea to purchase the proper shipping cartons as well. UPS is good at dropping things and if it's not in manufacturers packing and it gets damaged good luck trying to get money out of UPS. Remember Bryston has been doing this for a long time. They know what works. Even if their attitude needs a tune up as well, it will sound much better after they get done with it.