Bryston 3B NRB - need advice

I am in the secondhand market looking for a very good deal on a used Bryston amp.
The ST series is too expensive. My thought is the 3B NRB which is not as good as newer ST series but significantly better than the old 3B or 4B.

Budget is around $300.


1-Would you buy a 3B NRB for that price?
2-Is $300 a good or very good deal on a functional 3B NRB?

Thanks for advice.
If you find a 3b NRB in good condition for $300, buy it. At the age though, it could be ready for a recapping.
What do you think what price would be a VERY GOOD deal on a 3B NRB?
$300 (USD, I take it,) is a good price. Compare and contrast with other listings here and elsewhere. Buy it, send it off to Bryston and it might still be under warranty or if not, they'll fix it at a low cost to you. One good reason why Bryston is a good all around buy. You can do better, but you could do a lot worse...