Bryston 3B

hi audiophile outthere!, I currently grabed bryston original 3B for $500 CAN, but I am exhausted of finding the specs for original 3B. I really want to know what level of THD + noise it carries. any comments I appriciate
Did you contact Bryston?
I purchased a 3B in 1989 if memory serves me right. There were previous versions so its hard to say which version you own...

Specs were:
Harmonic - less than 0.01% from 20 to 20kHz at rated power

IM - less than 0.01% from 10 milli-watts to full rated power

Noise - 100db below full output

Crosstalk - Below noise 20 to 20kHz

Slew rate - greater than 60 volts per microsecond

Power bandwidth - less than 1 Hz to over 100 kHz

Damping factor - over 500 at 20 Hz, ref. 8 ohms

Power - 100 w/ch @ 8 ohms, 200 w/ch @ 4 ohms
I owned the Bryston 4B going back to 1978. Lost my manual with all the stats, after 10 years. The amp, still, sounded the same. GREAT! The guy who bought it loved it, as well. peace, warren
The 100W/c, THD was 0.01% SN was in the order of 100db or slightly over. I tried searching through some audio rags that I have but unfortunately the ones with this exact info are gone.

After moving about over the years I got tired of packing and unpacking these things so during the last move I either gave or disposed of literally boexes of these things. :o(

Hope this is of some help.

these originated in 1977 and were purposly underrated, infact every 4B made was 280 watts per side plus or minus 4 watts, during that time they came rated at 200, then 250 watts [but the output remained unchanged], in the case of the 3B I THINK it was actually 147± per side but rated at first 100, then 120, but as I never owned 3B's back then I never was that concerned and I am therefor not certain.

I recently purchased a 3B and needed some info as well. I sent an e-mail off to the Bryston service centre (check the website) with the serial number and they are sending me the info by mail.

Hope that helps.