Bryston 3-Way switchbox

We recently upgraded to a McIntosh 6600 integrated amp with B&W 805S speakers and are very happy with the results. The only problem is we previously had a multi-zone amplifier that although not the quality of the McIntosh, provided music throughout the lower level of our house, which we used primarily when entertaining. We thought that the upgraded dedicated 2 channel would offset this, but we do miss it. Has anyone tried a 3-way switch such as the Bryston and if so, did the sound quality suffer? The other speakers in this configuration are a/d/s 400 in-walls in the living room and the a/d/s 200's in the kitchen.
Would appreciate advice or any other possible configurations.
I've used the Bryston and was very happy with the results. I did a brief comparison, with and without and could not hear any profound differences. My only complaint with it is that the speaker terminals on the back are too tightly clustered together making the use of larger spades challenging, though not impossible.
Agree with Jax2 ... did not notice any sonic degradation using the Bryston (though I never listened THAT critically) but the jacks are WAY too close. If you are connecting 3 pairs of speakers, use bananas. Why they did not just make a bigger box and space the jacks appropriately is beyond me

Have the Bryston switchbox for two pairs of speakers. Noticed no discernable difference with or without. The enjoyment of having the use two pairs of speakers would far surpass any difference. A plan B, may be to use the pre out of the Mac to drive a second amp for the remote speakers. As for the Bryston, the speaker terminals are way too close. Nice to have the headphone output as well, tho not needed with your Mac.